MACD Ticketing System | ITAM


MACD Ticketing System Moves, Adds, Changes, and Deletes (MACD) can cost your organization thousands of dollars when managed improperly. Our ExpenseLogic Provisioning tool fashions a similar approach to Amazon’s Tailored Shopping Experience as it facilitates order placement directly within the software, providing complete tracking from start to finish. Our complex [...]

Provisioning | ITAM


Provisioning RadiusPoint’s Provisioning services involve preparing and equipping new services to our clients by managing, activating, and delivering accounts for enterprises locations across IT equipment and teleco orders. Our order management takes an end-to-end approach to auditing current telecom and utility services, activating new services, installing verification on devices [...]

Reporting Analytics | ITAM


Reporting Analytics Business Intelligence drives capabilities to a new level of information. Utilizing the latest in technology and tools, ExpenseLogic transforms your raw data into immediate cost savings and meaningful insight through real-time detailed reporting via dashboards, Excel files, PDF’s, etc. to give granular views into your Telecom, Wireless, [...]

Energy Conservation And Sustainability | EEM


Energy Conservation And Sustainability We believe successful businesses need an effcient way to track their energy trends across each location, but many times have few resources to do so. RadiusPoint alongside Energy Professionals can provide a strategic plan that incorporates clarity through multiple data points, coupled with actionable insights [...]

Utility Invoice Processing | EEM


Utility invoice processing At RadiusPoint, we enhance the process of augmenting every aspect of Utility Invoices to include Electric, Gas, Water/Sewer and Waste. By taking a holistic approach, we oversee the complete lifecycle of utility invoices, managing initial audit of your utility invoices to vendor disbursement. Our intelligent software, [...]

Site and Utility Equipment Database | EEM


Site and Utility Equipment Database Our Site and Utility equipment data base includes a large variety of tools to help you make intelligent business decisions. Through granular reporting and analytics, we actively manage your energy consumption, producing revenue opportunities as well as reducing risk and operational effects tied to [...]

Utility Audit | EEM


Utility Audit RadiusPoint will save you time and money with our superior Utility Expense Management solution by managing the initial audit of your utility invoices to vendor payment. Our streamlined services built into our cloud-based SaaS, ExpenseLogic™ include invoice processing, tariff/contract auditing, energy consumption, and reporting Bid Data analytics [...]

Invoice Auditing


Invoice Auditing with Error Identification and Reconciliation Billing errors are the scourge of an efficient organization, and most companies don’t have the time or personnel for auditing and reconciliation of every invoice. RadiusPoint’s invoice audits, error identification and reconciliation produce a savings of over 25% with no sales, no carrier [...]

Unified Communications & Collaborations | UCC


Unified Communications & Collaborations (UCC) UCC refers to a collaboration of communication services and technologies to include email, VOIP, instant messaging, audio, video, and web conferencing, etc. Utilizing UCC solutions, enterprises can significantly augment the way they connect, interact and perform by harmonizing existing communication solutions. Through UCC, RadiusPoint will [...]

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