Utility Procurement

Procuring utilities and managing related risks presents unique challenges and in order to assess all energy opportunities, there are things to keep in mind than simply comparing prices.
Energy Deregulation can be defined as having the option to choose where you purchase your natural gas or electricity from. Before this, you were forced to buy energy from the local utility company. Now, there are certain areas in the US that are deregulated and here at RadiusPoint, we are committed to obtaining the best available solutions and rates from those supplies in deregulated markets for our clients.

Our partnership with Energy Professionals as well as our Demand Response Solutions allows our clients to be confident they are making the best green energy procurement decisions. With upward technology trends, we offer cutting edge options, so you can control energy budgets.

We create a comprehensive strategy tailored to your energy goals and objectives by building long-term energy roadmaps based on what truly fits your business model. Across all vertical markets, we carefully analyze existing use patterns, historic costs, tariffs, market trends and more.

  • Retail sales and brokering of electricity and natural gas and deregulated markets
  • Demand response solutions
  • Time of use & procurement of green energy
  • Risk management and long-term energy roadmaps