Utility Monitoring

Utility costs rank as one of the highest expenses to manage but are typically not a priority for management. Monitoring your company’s Utility bills is crucial because let’s face it, money wasted is incredibly futile in a world with such easy access to technology and knowledge.

RadiusPoint provides transparency on how a customer uses energy to create a blueprint for what measures to take next. Our proprietary software, ExpenseLogic, tracks and stores all utility data to ensure on-time payments while comparing against activity for vacant cost recovery.

By analyzing your energy consumption, we can develop a plan to control or reorder processes to eliminate or reduce excess.

Also, with peak shaving or shifting load, we can control how energy is being used. This refers to the process of lessening the effects of large energy blocks during a period of time by delaying the effects until the power supply system can accept the additional load, resulting in lower utility bills each month.

  • Control to reduce
  • Reorder process to reduce
  • Shifting load, peak shaving