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Benefits of our Services in
Utility Expense Management
& Energy Expense Management

Utility costs are an oversight nightmare, with multiple service types —electric, gas, water/sewer, and various types of waste collection services—  with cost fluctuations based on weather-impacted usage. A major component of our BPO service portfolio, our Utility Expense Management services manage the entire lifecycle of the meter and services, from order placement, verification of service establishment, cost allocation set-up, audit and optimization, all the way to utility bill payment.

As part of its BPO service portfolio, RadiusPoint:

  • Manages the entire lifecycle of the utility invoice, from receipt to payment

  • Places order for new services, or disconnect existing vendor services

  • Automates consumption cost allocation to the right location and cost center

  • Performs energy management optimization for cost avoidance & energy savings

meters are reviewed for utility bill auditing & cost savings as part of Utility Expense Management Services

With the ExpenseLogic™ software, our Utility Expense Management services generate savings on costs & resources for our clients.

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Energy regulations, ambiguous utility invoice data, and ever-changing weather conditions make it significantly difficult for companies to manage this vital component of their activity. Our experts in Utility Expense Management (UEM) and Energy Management Services (EMS) help organizations save labor time and costs by managing the entire invoice processing line, from receipt of monthly invoices, line-item audit, all the way to vendor payment. Relying on our ExpenseLogic™ software platform, combination algorithms, and the technical expertise our team of problem solvers, we search for hidden errors, locate potential leaks before they become an issue, and obtain recredits from vendors.

ExpenseLogic offers robust reporting functions tailoring reporting to a client organization’s needs: weather normalization, utility benchmarking, carbon emission, CO2 reporting, or industry-specific reporting such as Vacant Cost Recovery. Our proprietary SaaS platform creates business intelligence that meets your needs.

  • Automation of invoice processing saves labor time & costs

  • Efficient data capture helps generate valuable business intelligence

  • Procurement optimization in deregulated states saves on energy costs

  • Line-item audits by meter helps pinpointing overages and optimize consumption

Algorithm-based reporting, benchmarking & auditing decrease waste (improving sustainability) and save on energy costs. This is the scope of Utility Expense Management Services

Utility Expense Management Services – Lifecycle Coverage

Why Choose our Utility Expense Management (UEM) or Energy Management Services (EMS)?

RadiusPoint’s technology and 30-year expertise continuously evolve to meet the data analysis and reporting needs of each of our clients, whether it is benchmarking or vacant cost recovery. By way of example, clients in the property management industry needed specific reporting identifying move-in/move-out timing, as well as vacant cost recovery. Our team of software experts rose to the challenge, and created a VCR reporting function within our SaaS platform ExpenseLogic.

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Two of our clients discuss the greatest benefits their organizations have received from RadiusPoint, in terms of reductions in labor time and costs, general level of service, and customization of services to our clients’ needs.

What is Energy Expense Management | EEM?

RadiusPoint is a recognized global leader in Utility and Energy Management (UEM) services, providing a technology-based software platform and process-driven solution for reducing costs and managing efficiencies.

Our mission is to automate the processing of our clients’ monthly utility bills, so that their managers not only have access to real-time visibility and operational intelligence, but also achieve cost savings through energy optimization.

The automated utility bill analysis provided to our clients gives them the expertise and guidance they need to manage energy procurement more efficiently. Our Energy Help Desk provides Utility Provisioning that covers the full lifecycle of services, from establishment to installation. All the while, saving companies time and money.

Energy Expense Management (EEM) covers the full lifecycle of services, from establishment to installation

Accounts Payable

  • 27 fields of data points

  • Bill pay

  • Accrual file interface


  • E-Procurement Portal

  • Approved vendor ecosystem

  • Supplies & service ordering

Contract Management

  • Image storage

  • Terms & conditions retention

  • Comparable to ContractWorks, ContractSage, etc.

The ExpenseLogic Saas Platform is part of RadiusPoint's Utility Expense Management services

Through the use of SaaS ExpenseLogic™, your invoices will receive line-item invoice detail that allows for the most detailed invoice processing and invoice payment in the industry.

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Reporting Analytics

  • Audit analysis

  • Budget reporting

  • Comparison reporting

Mac Ticket System

  • Client defined portal

  • Approval process by user group

  • Comparable to Service Now, Start Ticket, etc.

Expense Audit

  • Line-item detail audit

  • Control compliance

  • Dispute tracking

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