Utility Analysis Reporting

At RadiusPoint, we conduct a full Utility Analysis and Audit for the entire energy development lifecycle. We identify the best path in efficiency by requesting a complete history from utilities, evaluating risk profile as well as all usage data and creating a savings proposition based on newly calculated usage curves (i.e gallons of water, therms of natural gas).

By using Site and date comparisons, our dedicated Utility team can identify spikes in usage and locations that are trending with higher usage than other locations of the same size or that are billing outside the contract rates.

We understand the importance of remaining up to date in the Utility industry and with the upward trend in the IT world, RadiusPoint aims to provide the utmost Business Intelligence through cutting edge technology, knowledge and bid data analytics utilizing our intelligent SaaS, ExpenseLogic.

  • Identify best path to efficiency
  • Site and date comparisons reporting
  • Business intelligence utility big data