Site and Utility Equipment Database

Our Site and Utility equipment data base includes a large variety of tools to help you make intelligent business decisions. Through granular reporting and analytics, we actively manage your energy consumption, producing revenue opportunities as well as reducing risk and operational effects tied to outages.

Using smart controls like automation of lights, security and monitoring, we gain insight on how to manage the demand side of customer’s energy service. For example, smart meter solutions enable real time communication for meter reading, benefiting customers with faster interaction and more control of their energy usage to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Additionally, devices like smart grids and smart meters fall into a new category named Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT. IIoT refers to the connection of machines and devices in the gas, power and utility industry. By providing maintenance of equipment, micro grids and smart meters, we are utilizing IIoT as a way to connect these machines to maximize your profits while minimizing costs.

  • Granular Reporting by site
  • Smart controls & Smart meter solutions
  • Industrial internet of things (IIoT)