Track the entire LifeCycle of an invoice.

While the reports within ExpenseLogic are fully automated and complete with granular detail of each invoice, there are times when the invoice itself is needed for a clearer understanding of expenses. ExpenseLogic allows a permission-based user to review invoices at a desktop, send the invoice via email to departments, or save the invoice to a website for others to view. Enabling high visibility and ease of access helps your departments manage the expenses, and share information in an efficient manner.

Invoice processing Savings!

The RadiusPoint Invoice Processing service tracks the entire lifecycle of an invoice. The ExpenseLogic platform helps you manage the accuracy, processing, and payment of your telecom invoices. This includes loading both paper and electronic invoices into the system, coding the charges, creating an exceptions report, setting up approval for payment, and interfacing with your current financial systems. We can also take responsibility for any Moves, Adds, and Changes, as well as making direct payments to vendors on your organization’s behalf.

The reporting system in the ExpenseLogic platform allows you to drill down expenses in real time by Type, Cost Center, Location, Vendor, User, Region, etc. The managed services solution reconciles the invoices down to the line item level to immediately identify overcharges and errors.

Solution includes:

  • Loading invoices into ExpenseLogic
  • Checking for duplicate invoices
  • Checking for new accounts
  • Closing services at old locations
  • Elimination of late fees
  • Creation of General Ledger interface file
  • Creation of Accrual file
  • Scanning and archival of invoices