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Project Description

Often, Human Resources department is overlooked when searching for an expense management solution.  However when the strength of robust employee reporting is coupled with the right solution, management goals are largely successful. Notification of a new employee or recently terminated employee is the easy part for the Human Resources manager.   Identifying services, devices or equipment an employee needs, or must return after termination creates a complex environment of device and equipment management.   Working closely with the HR department, RadiusPoint’s software, ExpenseLogic will create reporting that identifies equipment that must be returned, or equipment that must be assigned out, plus much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a report is provided monthly of valid Employee ID’s, can this be validated against the employee’s in the solution?2019-06-20T11:18:48-04:00

Yes, this type of comparison and validation can be scheduled to be run on a monthly basis or as required by your company to identify any terminated employees that need to have equipment returned and services disconnected.

Can the solution track users by Employee ID?2019-06-20T11:18:29-04:00

RadiusPoint has the capability to track Employee ID’s within ExpenseLogic with all monthly charges and equipment assigned to each employee.

Can we manage all of our devices and users in one portal?2019-06-20T10:33:39-04:00

Yes, ExpenseLogic has a full inventory repository that will track the equipment by user, serial number, lease information, and cost.

What report formats are available?2019-06-20T09:13:21-04:00

There are many report view with grids and charts with all information capable of being exported to Excel, CSV and PDF.  In addition, many reports can be scheduled to email out on a monthly basis.

How quickly are the invoices processed?2019-06-20T08:55:58-04:00

RadiusPoint will process the invoices within a two day time period.  This fast turnaround time will typically eliminate any late fee or disconnect service issues.

How can we view our invoice images?2012-11-27T14:44:05-05:00


There are multiple places within ExpenseLogic that you will be able to view your invoice information and the actual invoice image.   In addition, an Image file can be provided weekly, if required.

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