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Project Description

Optimizing the cost and providing Data Analytics to your locations can be overwhelming without usage metrics, i.e. kWh, therms, gallons, etc. Managing these utility services and facility expenses is growing more complex with the entrance of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As a Facilities Manager, it is hard enough to try to wade through the complex and cumbersome invoices every month, without even looking for much-needed savings.  RadiusPoint’s services not only compiles the data from each utility invoice, but analyzes the usage data to ensure accuracy and consumption components using proprietary software, ExpenseLogic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Service ordering portal available?2019-06-20T11:16:55-04:00

Yes, the Intelligent Queue is a site that can be tailored to your company’s specific equipment and service needs, with an Amazon style shopping site.  All orders flow into the portal that allows for RadiusPoint’s team to place the order with the vendor and track the receipt of the equipment or services.

Can the solution manage our various vendor contracts?2019-06-20T09:14:24-04:00

ExpenseLogic has a Contract Management component that manages all contract information, the contract image, the expiration dates and the contract rates.  The most exciting component is the contract rates that can be tied to each phone or circuit number or meter number by line item for the most thorough audit in the industry.

What report formats are available?2019-06-20T09:13:21-04:00

There are many report view with grids and charts with all information capable of being exported to Excel, CSV and PDF.  In addition, many reports can be scheduled to email out on a monthly basis.

Can we see reporting that shows the deposits being held by vendor for each location?2019-06-20T08:34:17-04:00

Yes, ExpenseLogic has an inventory section that houses the deposit information for each meter and service type. Reporting can be created as needed or at a regular interval.

Will the solution identify past due invoices before Disconnects occur?2012-11-27T14:44:31-05:00

RadiusPoint works the Missing Bill report on a daily basis.  ExpenseLogic has the Missing Bill report as a standard report that will allow our team to search for invoices that have not been received within a specific time period.  The Missing Bill report feature also allows for tracking of the conversations with the vendors to retrieve the invoices and reminders if the invoice is not received and entered within a specific timeframe.

How can we view our invoice images?2012-11-27T14:44:05-05:00


There are multiple places within ExpenseLogic that you will be able to view your invoice information and the actual invoice image.   In addition, an Image file can be provided weekly, if required.

How much time is going to be needed to interact with the solution provider’s team?2012-11-27T14:43:24-05:00


The goal is to drastically reduce the amount of time that your team has to interact with your vendors.  Questions that occur on the invoices such as new services added would be questioned by RadiusPoint however many of these type of questions can be resolved by copying RadiusPoint on the orders to the vendors.

What detailed information will be available in report formats?2012-11-27T14:42:55-05:00

There are many Adhoc reports available in ExpenseLogic detailing all invoice information and costs by Service ID (phone, circuit or meter number).  In addition, there is an SQL Query feature that allows for reporting of every field of information that is tracked and managed in ExpenseLogic.

Site Manager Dashboard.

  • Location Map

  • Invoices Processed by Location

  • Service ID’s Billed By Sites

  • Inventory Details

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