Contract/Lease Management

Managing the contract is the first step in ensuring that the rates promised during the sourcing and proposal process are being delivered. It assures and that any rate changes and discounts are realized on your bottom line. With RadiusPoint, all contracts can be attached in the software for easy desktop retrieval. Our contract management database maintains contract terms, automated email notification prior to the expiration date, and rate auditing against set limits for Exception reporting.
We also offer lease management services for Real Estate, Fleet and Equipment by using a combination of contract and inventory and asset management. Without a proper lease management repository, you and your organization are at high risk and not in full control of supplier obligations, associated costs, contract terminations, or regulatory compliance.
We ensure each client consistently maintains accurate information & detailed reporting across all contracts and assets with the ability to see their location information tied to site equipment as well as any changes that will occur over the life of the lease on one east to use platform, ExpenseLogic™.

  • Contract/Lease Repository
  • Expiration Email notification
  • Information Tied to Site & Equipment