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Project Description

Telecom and utility expenses are often the second or third largest business expenses after payroll. Due to this, CFO’s and their team need a way to track and pay for expenses, manage inventory, assist with contract negotiations, etc.  An Expense Management partner will offer both the technology and expert support to easily manage these areas and more. From support, procurement, and tracking of invoices and inventory, RadiusPoint provides necessary tools for smart decision making with full visibility on a single platform, ExpenseLogic. We transform your raw data into immediate cost savings through real-time, detailed reporting to give granular views into your Telecom, Wireless and Utility Invoices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What savings can be achieved by utilizing the solution?2019-06-20T09:05:17-04:00

The Return on Investment that RadiusPoint achieves for our clients creates a true partnership.  Over the past several years RadiusPoint has created a positive ROI for our clients, many achieving over 500% per quarter.  The overages are caused by vendor over charges, contract errors and usage overages that are detected and corrected.

Can the solution provide an Interface file, or will our AP team need to enter the account information into our accounting system?2019-06-20T09:00:42-04:00

RadiusPoint will create an Upload file that will interface with your current accounting software for proper allocation and to eliminate any keying of invoice information.

Can the invoices be paid during this process or will we have to continue cutting checks?2019-06-20T08:59:09-04:00

RadiusPoint will take full responsibility of getting the invoices paid in a timely manner.  In addition, RadiusPoint will create an Upload file that will interface with your current accounting software for proper allocation and to eliminate any keying of invoice information.

Can the solution provide an Accrual file?2019-06-17T13:26:16-04:00

Yes, RadiusPoint can provide a monthly Accrual file based on your Accounting software’s specifications and your company’s unique financial reporting needs.  The file specifications would be provided to RadiusPoint during the set up so that the Accrual file can be created.  Then the Accrual file would be delivered on a monthly basis, dependent on your timing and requirements.

Will the solution identify past due invoices before Disconnects occur?2012-11-27T14:44:31-05:00

RadiusPoint works the Missing Bill report on a daily basis.  ExpenseLogic has the Missing Bill report as a standard report that will allow our team to search for invoices that have not been received within a specific time period.  The Missing Bill report feature also allows for tracking of the conversations with the vendors to retrieve the invoices and reminders if the invoice is not received and entered within a specific timeframe.

How can we view our invoice images?2012-11-27T14:44:05-05:00


There are multiple places within ExpenseLogic that you will be able to view your invoice information and the actual invoice image.   In addition, an Image file can be provided weekly, if required.

Will the invoices be audited, how does this occur?2012-11-27T14:43:43-05:00

ExpenseLogic, RadiusPoint’s proprietary software will audit each invoice based on the Account number, the Service ID (phone, circuit or meter number) and then each charge for each Service ID.  The auditing by line item detail is one of the most efficient methods that audits each charge, each month in an automated manner.   RadiusPoint would then research each overage with the vendor and reconcile and resolve the over charge.  In addition, the credits pending will be tracked through ExpenseLogic until the credit is received.

How much time is going to be needed to interact with the solution provider’s team?2012-11-27T14:43:24-05:00


The goal is to drastically reduce the amount of time that your team has to interact with your vendors.  Questions that occur on the invoices such as new services added would be questioned by RadiusPoint however many of these type of questions can be resolved by copying RadiusPoint on the orders to the vendors.

Invoice Manager Dashboard.

  • See all Invoices Types

  • View Invoices Processed by Type

  • Drill-down by Invoice Type

  • Invoice Details

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