Overcoming Inflation-Driven Budget Woes

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At a time when commodity prices have hit a historic high and are continuing to to climb, more and more businesses are confronting an uncomfortable reality: that today’s inflationary environment will be with us for some time. What’s more, companies are simultaneously grappling with supply chain disruptions, an energy crisis and higher wages stemming from labor shortages. Overcoming this confluence of challenges will require taking decisive steps to not only adjust prices and seek new sources of growth but also pursue an aggressive stance on cost cutting—the often-overlooked side of the coin when it comes to the success of every business strategy...

A Due Diligence Process is Essential – M&A Support Services

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Already bought and sold twice, a retailer that was on the market again for sale. The third buyer performed a limited due diligence process and initially, the purchase appeared to fit their portfolio requirements. The buyer failed to spot the risks of underinvestment and the lack of training of the personnel.  The retail locations were swanky and looked well-designed from the outside. Behind the scenes however, there were critical issues that should not have been overlooked.

M&A Support Services | Transportation Industry Case Study

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M&A Support Services: A transportation company needed support services (market research, cost benchmarking, business valuation) to achieve a clearer view of the viability of a highly diversified business model. They had five different service offers and were concerned that further diversification would adversely affect their P&L.

MMS Case Study: How Managed Mobility Services Reduced Costs 22%

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A food service company with a wide array of locations, distribution facilities, food plants, farms and ranches had hundreds of wireless devices to manage. Unfortunately, our client had no wireless procurement policy framework, and no structure for adding new users to their plans or for procuring new devices. Hence their decision to hire RadiusPoint to rationalize their inventory of devices and lines. This was an MMS mission, a specialty in which we have a long-running experience.

Inventory Management Uncovers Hidden Assets and Services

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A county government had no inventory of their telecom services, POT lines, circuits and devices. The county staff was overwhelmed just to get the service invoices processed and paid on time. Cost allocation and IDB reporting were taking place weeks after payment. County officials could not make informed, timely financial decisions.

TEM Process Automation Saves Big $ to QSR Chain

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RadiusPoint helps organizations manage spends quickly and conveniently. In the case details below, learn how RadiusPoint saved a retail client from overspending valuable telecom dollars. Case Background: Nationwide restaurant chain with 240 restaurant locations and...

Mergers & Acquisitions: A More Seamless Integration Process

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Mergers & acquisitions tend to generate their own margin-depressing cascading effects at Procurement and Accounts Payable levels. Our seamless TEM/UEM process helps reduce these negative effects. We aim at preserving the intended cost savings and cost avoidance benefits of mergers, and harness future TEM/UEM cost creep. This short case study gives another example of the effect of our TEM/UEM services.

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