Inventory Oversight Creates $174K Credit

Knowing what services, circuits, phone lines and equipment that you have at each location is critical in making the best business decisions for your organization. Finding out, after you have made a decision to change your vendor or technology that your equipment has to be replaced, can cause catastrophic issues within your organization and completely derail your project and projected savings. Having an inventory of your services and equipment can seem like a chore that you do not have time for however taking the time for the inventory can not only save time and money in the long run, it can also allow you to create a repository of information that will continue to assist you and your team.


Telecom and IT services are so completely intertwined that making a change at one location or at the corporate office can inadvertently affect all of the various locations. Resolving the issues mid-project can create new issues and reduce or eliminate the projected savings.

A Healthcare company with over 700 locations installed SIP trunks at each of the locations. The person over the project was supposed to cancel the regular business lines as the SIP trunks were installed and functioning. The problem: the Project Manager did not know what regular business lines were being replaced because there was no inventory of the services before the project started. In addition, the Project Manager did not have enough time built into the project to create each of the disconnect order with the vendors. Once it was identified that the lines were not being disconnected, there was already overpayments of over $30K per month.


RadiusPoint stepped in to assist with the cancellations to create an immediate savings however there were still issues with identifying the regular business lines at each site. For the 700 sites there were over 3,632 regular business lines to identify each lines purpose at each site. In addition, there was telephone equipment at each site that had to be identified for repurposing where possible or retirement to eliminate the monthly maintenance costs.

As the SIP trunk project continued the business lines, in some instances continued to bill, even though disconnection of the services had been requested. RadiusPoint worked with the vendors over a six month period to get the lines disconnected and removed from the invoices.


Lessons learned by the Client was to start with an inventory of the services and equipment to get a clear picture of what steps had to be taken to change the technology. Combining the 700 locations into this one project created transition issues with each location that could have been avoided had the inventory been completed before the project was approved.

RadiusPoint was able to use ExpenseLogic to flag any business lines that continued to bill so that an immediate contact could be made to the vendor to eliminate the charges. In addition, the Asset Management section of ExpenseLogic allowed this Client to have a place for their IT Assets that was defined by serial number, warranty information and site address.

RadiusPoint was able to identify and retrieve over $174,000.00 in credits for placing the disconnect orders and created and maintained 4,049 disconnect orders with the telecom vendors.

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