Explore the RadiusPoint Solution

Deciding to partner with an Expense Management company may seem like a huge undertaking that may discourage your team. Identifying what processes currently work and those processes that need to be improved upon will be RadiusPoint’s first task during the set up process. RadiusPoint’s set up is a little different than most companies, in that we do all the work for you. Once you have gathered the necessary account, GL and file specification information, RadiusPoint’s team of problem solver’s will:

  1. Create a Workflow specific to your organizations needs and requirements
  2. Provide all of the vendor interaction to ensure you invoices are transitioned at the right time
  3. Create the reporting hierarchy necessary for reporting by Company, Region, District, Cost Center, Location, Employee, etc.
  4. Obtain Vendor contracts and set up contract rates for the auditing
  5. Coordinate the entire project with a Project Manager

Are you ready to get started?

RadiusPoint understands that Telecom, Wireless and Utility invoices are unique, and need special attention.