Your next telecommunications technology upgrade may or may not come with an equipment purchase but definitely will come with different billing and possibly a new vendor. Transitioning your services to a new technology can be a daunting task if you don’t know exactly what current services and equipment are being used at each location.


A medical supply organization with over 300 locations nationwide hired consultants that helped them navigate to cutting edge telecom technology and services that would replace their copper business lines that were used for voice and fax services, along with the MPLS platform that handled their data services. The savings looked great on paper however one year into the project the management team realized that their savings projections were over $250k short.

A few areas that created issues:
  • No inventory before project to identify what services are used at each location
  • There was no listing of equipment used at each site
  • All circuits that were replaced were not canceled
  • Additional services for network monitoring were not canceled


This team did not have the time to go through each invoice to identify what services were being billed so they turned over that portion of the project to RadiusPoint. RadiusPoint’s multi-step Inventory & Audit service allows for a complete scrub of each invoice to identify what was actually being billed on a monthly basis. Customer Service Records were ordered and ANI and Toll Free reports were just a few of the reports that were requested to complete the deep dive into the invoices that made up the services before the technology change.

What did RadiusPoint’s Inventory & Audit identify?
  • 47 Remote call forward lines in place for 10 years that had never been set up to be used
  • DSL services that were duplicated
  • 50 copper lines were not canceled after being replaced
  • Phone lines assigned to their accounts in their long distance account that belong to other companies
  • Over 260 Toll Free lines not assigned a Ring to number and not being utilized
  • Phone lines that were billing at $1.77 per minute outside their long distance carrier’s contracted rate, even though the PIC’s were to that long distance vendor
  • 25 Circuits that were never canceled
  • Associated circuit services, i.e. network monitoring and usage accounts that were not canceled


RadiusPoint identified the various invoices that could be canceled immediately and was able to assist in requesting refunds for some of the services that continued to bill. Once the scrub was completed, RadiusPoint had identified over $250,000.00 in services that should have been disconnected or refunded from the vendor.

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