Cutting Telecom Expenses in a Down Economy: TEM in Focus

Telecommunication services rank amongst the top 5 operating expenses of almost any enterprise. Cutting telecom expenses must remain a management priority, especially in the current environment. Telecom Expense Management is the only set of processes capable of reducing costs efficiently, and considering the direction of the economy, this is bound to continue being the case for years to [...]

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Optimization & Cost Cutting in 2023

Because we are experts in expense management and cost cutting, our clients ask us for advice on specific measures they can implement to reduce their exposure to this inflationary environment. In an economy drastically slowing down, businesses need to do more with less. The tight situation of the job market after the "Great Resignation" movement and, more recently, massive [...]

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Overcoming Inflation-Driven Budget Woes With Cost Cutting

Commodity prices have hit historic highs and continue to climb. Businesses are grappling with supply chain disruptions, an energy crisis, and higher wages stemming from labor shortages. Today’s inflationary environment will be with us for some time. This confluence of challenges requires decisive steps to adjust prices, seek new sources of growth, and pursue aggressive cost cutting...

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