Today, organizations are increasingly focused on ways that they can cut their energy and utility expenditures in order to improve corporate sustainability programs. Because facilities management is responsible for ensuring the functionality, comfort, and safety of the built environment, facility managers are uniquely positioned to leverage local operational efficiency initiatives to identify and act to improve the efficiency of energy use across their facilities. Facilities management teams are a critical resource when looking to cut back on energy and utility savings.

Whether energy savings are being pursued as a part of an organization’s corporate sustainability program, operational investment strategy or simply to cut utility expenditure. Here are three habits that your Facility Managers can improve your organization’s energy use:

  • Create a Planned Preventive Maintenance Strategy – Regular planned preventive maintenance on air handlers, HVAC units, and windows can help identify energy leakages. It gives insight into equipment performance, as well as how to improve that performance with repairs or replacements. When maintenance is not addressed over a longer period, reduced equipment efficiencies or asset damage may result. RadiusPoint understands that every organization is different and our comprehensive software ExpenseLogic allows us to collect data, monitor and track equipment maintenance as well as contracts.
  • Reduce Electricity Use After Hours By Effectively Using Lighting Controls – Tracking how people are using buildings after work hours can reveal areas where organizations can become more energy efficient. Facility managers can reduce energy waste by effectively using control solutions to improve the efficiency of lighting and HVAC systems. Organizations can maximize energy savings by automating equipment use with a building automation system. One of the most common types of lighting controls is occupancy sensors, which turn to light on automatically when they detect motion and off when the area is vacated.
  • Gain Insight Through Standard Energy Procedures and Regulations Internally – Energy is a complex issue that touches every aspect of a building and presents many simultaneous challenges, including energy savings, occupant comfort, and energy reliability. By engaging with other stakeholders in the organization, including custodians and management, to establish energy-saving procedures and internal regulations. After implementing energy-saving programs and better utilizing your CMMS to report on these changes can cut costs and further reduce your organization’s footprint.

Enterprises must try to efficiently manage enterprise by proactively managing a strategy plan, effectively using control systems and supporting initiatives to gain insights through standard energy procedures. Facility managers can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of their building systems by using energy more efficiently is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, and reduce the growing energy demand. RadiusPoint can provide everything you need to extract the greatest benefits from a UEM (Utility Expense Management) platform. We will review each utility bill to detect invoice errors, locate potential leaks before it becomes a problem, and recover credits owed by vendors. In doing so, we ensure that your energy-saving program continues to support your organization’s goals and reduces your energy consumption across your enterprise.

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